Ages 5-12

The curriculum includes individual skills, small-sided games, full-sided games, laws of the game, tactical training, and more.


These players are given a fun-filled introduction to the basic skills of the game including juggling, dribbling, shooting, heading, passing, collecting, and tackling.  Special goal-keeping training is also offered.


Fee includes: Instruction, drinks and camp shirt.


Day Camps

Ages 12-18

This camp is designed to specifically train the strikers in multiple finishing techniques, such as off the dribble, volleys, heading, etc. The goalkeepers will be trained in shot-stopping, handling, footwork, crosses, and diving.  The groups will be brought together to train the techniques in competitive game situations.  Lunch is provided in the campus cafeteria.


Fee includes: lunch, instruction, and camp shirt.

Keeper/Striker Camp


Ages 10 - 17

The residential and commuter camp is designed for the more serious soccer player who wants to have fun while improving his or her game. Campers will enjoy 5 days of expert instruction, training, films, and fun. Residential campers are housed in OCU dormitories.  Campers enjoy their meals at OCU's cafeteria.  The commuter option is great for those wanting a sleep-away camp experience from the comfort of their own bed.  


Click here to see the camp schedule.


Residential Camp Fee: $450 (includes room and board, instruction, camp shirt and soccer ball)


Commuter Camp Fee: $350 (includes lunch and supper each day, instruction, camp shirt and soccer ball)  This camp runs from 9am to 8pm each day. On Sunday, camp begins at 2pm and ends at 8pm.

Residential and Commuter Camp

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2019 Camp Dates


June 3-7

9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Oklahoma City University

Cost: $125



August 5-August 9

8:00 am to 11:00 am

Oklahoma City University

Cost: $125


June 10-12

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Oklahoma City University

Cost: $225



Residential Camp

June 16-20

Oklahoma City University

Cost: $450



Commuter Camp

June 16-20 (9am to 8pm)

Oklahoma City University