Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the camps located?

All camps are located at Oklahoma City University. The OCU Soccer Field is located at NW 27th and Florida on the north side of the Oklahoma City University campus. There is a parking lot directly to the west of the field.


What should campers bring with them to the day camps?

Please do bring the following in additionon to a great attidute and a desire to learn :)


-Shinguards (we require campers to wear them)

-Any applicable medications or special need items your camper might require

-Water bottle optional (we provide water and cups)

-Sunscreen/bugspray optional (we always have extra on hand as well)


Please do not bring a soccer ball.  We provide balls to all campers. To keep yours getting lost or mixed up, please leave it at home.

What should campers bring with them to the keeper/striker or commuter camp?

All items noted in the above day camp suggestions apply.  In addition:


If you child is a goal keeper, please have them bring their 'keeper' gear, mainly gloves and possibly a long sleeve shirt. No need to run out and buy anything special, whatever you already have should be just fine!


Campers also may want to bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops to change into during meals, to let their feet cool down!


Extra shirt to change into mid-day (it is hot and they get sweaty!)


Cleats and indoor flats (in case of bad weather)




What should campers bring with them to the residential camp?

All items noted in the above day camp and commuter camp suggestions apply.  In addition:


-8 to 10 shirts

-5 pair shorts

-Cleats and indoor flats

-Sports sandals or flip flops

-Land line phone (if they don't have a cell phone)


-Pillow and bedding for a twin bed

-Personal toiletries (soap, deodorant, etc. )

-Cash (for vending snacks or pizza orders)


-Water bottle (we provide cups, but re-usable bottles are always nice!)



We get this question alot, can my camper bring a TV, Xbox, refridgerator? So long as you are willing to bring it and possibly carry it up stairs (some dorms do not have elevators) you are welcome to do so!


What do the campers do at the Residential/Commuter Camp all day?

Camp schedule (Monday - Wednesday) Sunday and Thursday schedules are slightly different as they are half days.


7:30 am - Rise and Shine!


8:00 am - Breakfast


8:30am - Room clean up


9:00am - Commuter campers arrive.  Field work, individual skill work


10:30 am - Passing, Shooting, dribbling, collecting, heading, juggling and goalkeeping (each day typically focuses on a different skill)


11:45am - Lunch


12:15 - Free time in dorms


1:00pm - Instructional video


2:00pm - Staff demonstration


2:30pm - small-sided games and skilled games


5:00pm - Dinner


5:30pm- Free time in dorms


6:30pm - Twilight games (Full sided games)


8:00pm - Commuters are picked up.  Residenial campers return to dorms.


8:30pm - Movie in lobby or free time


10:30 - Lights out!

Can parents stay to watch the camp?


Yes of course!  There are bleachers to sit on or you can bring your own chair if you wish.  During the residential and commuter camps, parents are of course welcome to watch anytime, however, it is most popular for parents to come up for the "twilight" games from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

What happens if it rains?


In the case of bad weather we will make a decision no later than one hour prior to the start of camp. Please check your email and our website as we will let you know as soon as a decision is made.


In the case of bad weather during camp, a decision will be made to continue or call camp for the day. If it is decided to finish camp early, camp coaches will begin phoning parents as soon as the decision is made. In the case of extreme weather (lightening, tornado etc.) campers will be moved into the main building on the soccer field or the Freede Center to the soutwest of the field - depending on the number of campers/severity of the weather.


When a whole day of camp is cancelled due to poor weather, a decision will be made on how best to make it up, either by extending the hours of the camp or by adding an extra day to the camp. That decision will be related to all parents via email or phone call as soon as it is made.